Why Us ?

✔ 21 years of experience as an exporter of Japanese used cars and trucks from Japan. Tried and tested methods
✔ Vehicles offered are genuine existing as recent as a day before checked and assessed
✔ Exporting used Japanese vehicles to more then 30 countries with varying regulations
✔ English speaking Japanese owned bilingual company for used automobile export from Japan
✔ Based in Kobe-Osaka port storage yard and office convenient location for RORO,container packing facilities,auctions access
✔ Do full procedure for export of used automobiles from Japan,from sourcing to all documentation
✔ Offer extensive insight into the used vehicle market of Japan,showing you the in and outs,best deals
✔ Constantly guide,advise and update you on how to buy secondhand cars and trucks in Japan
✔ Double check specification and other vehicle and shipping details in English and Japanese
✔ Have mechanical knowledge of specifications,model variations to share of used autos in Japan going back 25 years
✔ We do not put up auction photos as our stocks,but take you direct to live auctions for members and dealers trade stocks
✔ Do not use portal companies thus save on monthly fees and commission which is passed on to the buyer
✔ Immense volume of 50,000 units a day Monday through Saturday to choose from at 150 locations across Japan
✔ Thousands of One-Price (fixed price) dealer to dealer stock also available
✔ We are qualified members of the used motor dealers association authorized by the Japanese government's ministry of trade
✔ We are members of all the auto auctions in Japan,major to minor,the biggest trade source for all used vehicles in Japan
✔ Give you instant,open access to current auto market for professional dealers where all units are 3rd party assessed
✔ Offer wholesale bulk rates,flat fees and open to reasonable negotiation. Special prices for dealers,resellers,repeaters
✔ Dealing directly with the owners of the business,expect prompt response,quick shipment,courteous,enthusiatic service
✔ Believe in the notion of equal respect, honesty,gratitude and empowering you the customer in business
✔ Buying used cars online from Japan is a challenging task,we make it simpler for you
✔ Buy items with exact specification and quality you want by having the choice to choose them yourself with us
✔ We are well known to many in the industry in Japan and overseas.
✔ Longtime relationships with official dealerships, fleet owners and shops around Japan, a wide network
✔ No spam,sales calls,newsletters. Our resources are focused on cost cutting and achieving top quality and service
✔ Free tidy up and inspection of physical,mechanical condition and documents with discrepancy reports
✔ Make sure that every unit is complete and running soundly. No malfunctioning,broken,missing or non standard parts
✔ We pay attention to detail. It is not just profit but quality and long, good relationships we look for
✔ Encourange creative and intelligent solutions amongst our dedicated, motivated staff
✔ Free unlimited digital email photo service to see or promote your vehicles before they are shipped
✔ Every photo taken is given good thought for the best possible photo angle and all vital areas covered
✔ We also take pictures of every single stage of the packing
✔ We also assist with finding spare parts or catalogues if needed for the cars,trucks,buses you buy from us
✔ We believe that Japan is the best place in the world to buy used cars,trucks,buses and machines
✔ Feel free to contact us anytime,we welcome all inquiries,discussions in English by phone, email or Skype
✔ We can be your partner in Japan with all facilities,registrations,licenses,accreditation,staff that take years to acquire
✔ We keep overheads low,buy at the source in bulk,research on best deals to pass on to you the buyer
✔ Ensure that not only you are getting the cheapest deal but the safest deal and right quality
✔ Always keep abreast with changing technology in our industry its trends and new regulations
✔ As a Japanese used automobile exporter, we deal with all types of Japanese used cars,trucks,machines and car parts.
✔ We deal with all the major makes of Japanese cars like Toyota,Nissan,Honda,Mitsubishi,Mazda,Subaru,Suzuki,Daihatsu
✔ We deal with all the major makes of Japanese trucks like Nissan UD Diesel,Mitsubishi Fuso,Isuzu,Hino
✔ We also deal with the many automobile brands imported into Japan such as Mercedes Benz, BMW,Volkswagen,Audi,Jeep
✔ In all a vast selection of models both Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive from nearly new to secondhand and reconditioned
✔ "We are here for you in Japan from start to finish on every deal"
✔ Nippon Autos Ltd., Kobe Japan

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