As an extra service of after sales back up to our business with you, we can supply any and all spare parts for Japanese vehicles.
Brand new OEM or aftermarket, used as-is or second hand refurbished or reconditioned, small and big parts.

Example: bumpers,door mirrors,windscreens,bonnets,fenders,seat covers,audio sets,batteries,tires,exhausts and mechanical
spares such as starters,injection pumps,transmissions,power window motors,struts,engines, gearboxes, transmissions etc.

Or even have oil and air filters or batteries,timing belt,spark plugs checked,changed,cleaned,top off fluids,undercarriages painted,
vehicles serviced. These parts can be shipped with the vehicle, posted or fitted here prior to shipment.

Please note,the vehicle has to be bought from us and the vehicles full chassis number, year of manufacture must be available.
Along with frame number or VIN of vehicle you need parts for please give us the description of the part,its parts number and
a picture. If you have the parts list book please send a copy of the page and circle the exact part. We can also send you the
relevant page from parts-list-book used by the offical dealerships in Japan. Once again, please bear in mind this will only be done
one for used Japanese cars or used Japanese trucks bought from us and exported by us.

We also do containers of used Japanese half cut cars,vans and trucks. This will include the full front end with engine,
transmission,electric wire harness,dashboard and even seats,doors,trunk lid,tail gate,rear axle,differential,cv joints or drive shafts,
struts,coil springs,shocks,tail lamps,tyres and wheels etc.

Or can be just nose cuts. Please send queries and include make, model, type, chassis code, year, engine code.

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