Packing used cars in containers for export from Japan:

We can pack cars and trucks in containers for export to many countries. This is an ideal way to ship more then two units,
to places without RO-RO access and/or for bulk dealers looking to spread costs, get quicker shipments,higher quality service,
consolidate various models into one box.

This is also considered a safer method to ship vehicles as the cargo is not exposed. Another important merit is it is a
faster way to ship since there are always container ships available weekly as opposed to monthly for RO/RO.

We have more than two decades of experience packing all kind of vehicles into containers. Most are CBU (not parts but
completely built up units). However we might dismantle the vehicles slightly to accommodate them in the containers
or utilize maximum space of the container (mostly 40 foot dry high cube which are LWH 1203x235x269).This is only light
dismantling refered to as SKD (semi-knock down) which might involve taking off, detaching certain parts especially protruding
exterior parts such as rear spare tyres,grille guards,bull bars in the case of 4x4s/off roaders or antennas,fender mirrors,
rims with tyres and front,rear bumpers for sedans and SUVs. Skirts,(front bumper scoops),overfenders (including widebody
style-kits) in case of modified sports cars or for commercial vehicles and utility trucks removing back trays,beds,boxes,
crane boom arms,tail lifts,truck roll bars.

Our main priority though is to make sure the condition of the vehicles are exactly the way they are when confirmed during
purchase and no damages or even light scratches and dents occur during packing or en route plus unpacking the container
at destination is done with ease, smoothly and cost effectively. All detached parts from the cars will be shipped in the same
container as the vehicles.

We have top facilities,equipment,tools and experienced staff to pack containers with speed and confidence. Please see
a few samples of our work and the various combination styles below. Feel free to ask any questions or quotations.

In our system some of the cars are usually elevated onto prefabricated steel racks and wood blocks while others are placed
underneath. Tires are often deflated not only to save space (height) but to keep units steady. Every minute detail is covered
to the utmost. We use shock absorbent and weather guarded plastic cord straps (cordstap brand to be exact) with plastic
buckles and heavy duty cord tensioner with plastic bracing or steel cables with turnbuckles depending on the case as
tensioning lashing to secure each unit to the floor or roof of the container hooks. Chocks, stoppers or wedges are used to
keep everything in place. Dunnage such as sponge sheets (polyethylene),air bubble wrap plastic film sheets,soft blankets,
car carpets,car mats, or cardboard and adhesive tape will be used to cover vunerable edges. Example bonnets or roofs of
lifted cars that might touch the roof of the container in transit. Also the plastic cord is passed through softer plastic hose
or piping if it may come in contact with the vehicle body and cause scratches during movement.

Lastly we take photos showing the stages of packing,two per car and send them for your approval and records before the
container leaves Japan.

used cars in container packing photos
used trucks in container packing photos
used cars in container packing combinations

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