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January 29th, 2013 (Tuesday) 3:00 pm (JST)
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August 8th, 2012 (Wednesday) 3:00 pm (JST)
Over the years exporters bought and sold used automobiles and machinery in Japan from numerous sources like end users,
fleets,collector yards,dealers or local shops. However with the onset of the internet,a large amount information can be shared
faster which has led to the online auctions coming to the forefront .Whether you are private individual putting up your car for sale
on the Yahoo auctions (used instead of eBay in Japan ) or a professional dealer using one of the members-only auction companies,
both offer some good channels in terms of variety,volume,detailed specifications, photos,more so at the auction compaines where
a third party quality inspection is provided, and prices are current wholesale with fresh stocks weekly from all over the country.
This is a must-see for bulk,regular traders in need of discounts and accurate buying,guranteed deliveries. Here are some of the
most notable auctioneers :

USS a major car auction with 30% market share
TAA a Toyota Motor Corporation backed auction
NAA auctions for Nissan dealership trade-ins
HAA auctions for Honda dealerships trade-ins
UMAX Isuzu trucks auction including UD,Fuso,Hino,Unic,Tadado,Benz,Volvo
ARAI a major auction for cars,trucks,buses,machinery and parts
JU auctions for dealer cars
AUCNET auctions for cars from local shops around the country
JAA for private and imported cars in the Tokyo,Kanto region of Japan
BCN auctions for the Saitama region just west of Tokyo
CAA a Nagoya,Chubu region based auction for cars and light trucks
KCCA for auto auctions in the Kyushu region of Japan
HAA Kobe for car auctions in Hyogo, Kobe region of Japan
BAYAUC for car auctions in Osaka region of Japan
LAA for auto auctions in the Shikoku,Kansai,Chugoku region of Japan
ZIP Osaka specializing in imported and luxury cars
IAA Osaka a recently started auction
ORIX tender for fleet and leased automobiles
SMAP tender for fleet and leased automobiles
NPS tender for fleet and leased automobiles
GE tender for fleet and leased or financed automobiles
All these auctions can be assessed in one convenient websites such as the I-AUC

Most popular Japanese used cars and trucks exports

July 02nd,2012 (Monday) 3:00am (JST)
Six months since its release in Japan,we test drove the smallest Toyota Prius hybrid, the Aqua today. Also known as
the "c" or "+" overseas,it is said to replace the popular Toyota Vitz in the future. It certainly does have many features
to get there soon. Aside from tax incentives and being economical at average 25 km/l or a low emission,environmentally
friendly vehicle,it is surprisingly spacious all round,front,rear seats,headroom and trunk. Plus it has the usual nice Toyota
handling,impressive acceleration for a combination petrol engine and an electric motor (Panasonic battery) for power,
and is quiet,so quiet there is an alarm to alert pedestrians. Although some plush interior trim versions would be welcome.
New ones go for just over 2.2 million yen but used ones have already begun appearing at the auctions for 1.8 million yen.

Most popular Japanese used cars and trucks exports
June 5th,2012 (Tuesday) 3:00pm (JST)
There are several popular used cars,trucks and buses exported from Japan. Compiling a top ten or twenty list of
best selling models is not easy,but looking back at the months that have passed this year especially at the bigger
importing markets some models as below stand out and transcend borders in the different classes,sizes and styles :
  1. Honda Fit in the subcompact hatchback class

  2. Toyota Mark II in the mid size sedan class

  3. Subaru Forester in the station wagon class

  4. Toyota Wish in the MPVs

  5. Toyota Ipsum for MUVs or people carriers

  6. Honda CR-V for compact SUVs

  7. Toyota Harrier in the crossover class

  8. Nissan X-Trail in the compact crossover SUVs

  9. Nissan Elgrand for luxury vans

  10. Toyota Hilux Surf for off-roaders

  11. Toyota Land Cruiser in 4WDs

  12. Toyota Hiace for vans

  13. Nissan Skyline GT-R in sports cars

  14. Toyota Probox van for commercial delivery wagons

  15. Mitsubishi Canter in the light truck class

  16. Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter for mid size trucks

  17. Isuzu Giga in heavy duty trucks

  18. Hino Melpha for mid size buses

  19. Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Queen in large size coach buses

  20. BMW 3 Series for imported cars

Most popular Japanese used cars and trucks exports

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