Import Regulations Guide

- These are some rules for importing secondhand vehicles from Japan into a few countries.
- We export quality and exact specification used Japanese cars and trucks that will pass the set standards required.
- Note the buyer is required to know the latest regulations from local customs authorities,clearing agents.


Used cars imported to be minimum 3 years old, maximum 5 years old from date of manufacture.


Import Permit required per unit of used car.
Used cars 14 years old
Used trucks 15 years old
Used buses 17 years old

New Zealand

Vehicles imported into New Zealand must have been manufactured in principle,no earlier than 2006 and
comply with local emission standards. Frame numbers have three alphabets before the model code e.g. CBA.
Details can be obtained from the New Zealand Transport Agency. Also imported vehicles should be
right hand drive (RHD). As of 2016 cars must come fitted with VDC or ESC.


Import of used automobiles allowed only in the free zone of Iquique for re-export to neighbouring
Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay. The vehicle can not be more than 5 years old.

South Africa

Importing used vehicles not allowed except for transshipping to other countries.


An Import Approval Permit (AP) from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
must be acquired prior to shipment of used vehicles.


Used cars taxed on age and engine size such as :
0-3 years
4-9 years
10 years and more
Up to 1500cc
Up to 2500cc
Up to 3500cc


No restrictions on import of used vehicles.


Import allowed as following :
Used cars 8 years old
Used buses 15 years old
No regulation on trucks


No restriction on import of used vehicles however high taxation.
Taxes can be lower for vehicles that are less than four years old.

Trinidad & Tobago

Import Licence required from the Ministry of Trade and Industry for
Used cars (petrol only) 5 years old
Used maxi taxis 3 years old
Used trucks (diesels) 8 year old


Regulations on importation of used motor vehicles are :
Used motor cars age limit is 5 years
Used pick-ups age limit is 6 years
Used trucks, trailers and other heavy duty equipment age limit is 10 years

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