Frequently asked questions

Q1. Where is your company ?

Q2. What are your services and line of business ?

Q3. Where do you export to ?

Q4. How many vehicles do you have in stock ?

Q5. Who can we ask for reference on your company and may I know more about you ?

Q6. Can I buy used Japanese cars and trucks from you ?

Q7. Do I have to pay tax in Japan ?

Q8. Do you have left hand drive vehicles or can you do conversions ?

Q9. What are the costs and fees and what do they cover ?

Q10. What is your best price ?

Q11. Where can I choose the Japanese used cars and trucks from you ?

Q12. When and where are the Japanese used car, truck and bus auctions ?

Q13. How will I know the quality of a secondhand vehicle from the auction,what are the guarantees and is there help
         understanding the way the auctions work?

Q14. Do you do translations of the Japanese auto auction check sheets ?

Q15. Do I need to sign up or become a member of anything ?

Q16. Can I request extra checks or photos ?

Q17. Are the cars,trucks,buses,machines checked,verified,cleaned and photographed after they have been won
         at the auctions and before being exported ?

Q18. How do we start business and buy from the auctions?

Q19. How do we request a bid at the auction ?

Q20. Do you charge for missed bids ?

Q21. What are your terms of payment ?

Q22. When do I make the payments ?

Q23. What else do I have to provide to do business ?

Q24. Will you accept L/C ?

Q25. What is the USD price and will you accept USD payment ?

Q26. How fast can you ship my vehicle ?

Q27. Does the price include the ocean freight ?

Q28. What is the freight from Japan to my country for a car,truck or bus ?

Q29. Can the ocean freight be included in the price ?

Q30. Can insurance be covered for the vehicle or container and how much is it ?

Q31. What is F.O.B.,C&F, C.I.F.,E.T.D.,E.T.A.?

Q32. Can I buy just one unit as private person in a one-time deal and what are the import regulations in my country?

Q33. Can you ship by container and/or RORO ?

Q34. How many cars can you load in a 40 ft container ?

Q35. Do you do dismantling ?

Q36. Do you sell spare parts ?

Q37. How much is the deposit ?

Q38. Is the deposit refundable ?

Q39. What are your bank details and what is the document or receipt I get first ?

Q40. What are the documents that I will get after the shipment ?

Q41. Are other pre-shipment checks like QISJ,JEVIC,JAAI and Radiation Contamination Inspections possible ?

Q42. When are the documents send and how long to they take to reach ?

Q43. How and where to I track documents sent to me ?

Q44. Can I buy brand new cars ?

Q45. What is the best way to contact you and what is the best time ?

Q46. Why are there so many automatic transmission ( AT ) cars in Japan ?

Q47. How come used cars from Japan have low mileage and are in good condition ?

Q48. I am looking for diesel manual 4x4 but do not see many ?

Q49. Can we have your price list and catalog ?

Q50. Do you offer cars from outside the auctions ?

Q51. More questions ?

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